A New Way to do Research

Evidence Base is a research hub that helps you do better research and convincingly communicate your findings. People have made evidence bases that do everything from making policy recommendations more compelling, to persuading investors, clients and the public. What will you prove with your evidence base?

A home for your research

Research in Evidence Base happens in evidence boards — a single place that organises all your information to help you develop an evidence base for whatever you are working on.

Work with any team

Easily work together to build your evidence base. Discuss, analyse and compare notes in one place. Collaborate on projects from beginning to end.

Exchange complexity for clarity

Your research has articles, surveys, reports etc. Evidence Base helps you communicate to others what is truly important - how well all that data supports your idea.

Information at a glance

Quickly view the strength of your hypothesis and what kind of content and data your evidence base is built upon. This way, defending your work becomes a lot easier.

No single piece of research is conclusive.

Evidence Base allows you to make decisions together, using all your data.

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Key Features

Sharpen Your Analysis

Our analysis framework empowers you to become a first class researcher

Evidence-Weighted Decisions ™

Resolve disputes faster and transparently by making evidence-based decisions

Bank Grade Security

We protect your data using the same encryption banks use to protect your money

Industry leading companies are 5 times more likely to use analytics over

intuition in decision-making (IBM and MIT, 2016).

The best companies in the world are improving by using data to make smart decisions.

And now, so can your team.

Better research + Better analysis = Better decisions

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